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  ARS Technologies

More and more business are realizing that dramatic savings & increased efficiency can be achieved even an Automatic Identification System is introduced. Management information needed to control an track business systems can be significantly improved : in accuracy, detail and sheer speed of availability.

Barcoding is the dominant print-related automatic identification technology and Bar Code symbol is the most vital component within the whole system because its represents data. This write up is intended to give an introduction to the different types of barcodes and their application in business. It is not intended to be an in-depth study, but simply to try to answer some of the question companies put to us when they are first considering Bar Coding Systems.

Computers were invented to meet the requirement of speedy, efficient, and accurate data processing. Though this was achieved by the computer, there was a limitation of incorrect data entry. Automatic Identification System was invented to overcome this problem of providing error-free data entry into computer system

To Retailers
1.Proper maintenance of inventory control.
2. Check of pilferage.
3. Sales staff becomes more productive.
4. Provides better customer service.
5. Provides an automatic system where uptodate information can be retrieved at any given
point of time. 6. Helps identity dead and slow moving items for mark down or clearance.
7. Helps maintain sufficient stock for popular or fast moving items.'
8. Helps business to grow.'
9. Improved productivity.
10. Reduced stock outs.
11. Faster re-ordering

1. Efficient inventory control and stock taking.
2. Better work in progress management.
3. Helps maintaining system for attendance recording.
4. Staff becomes more productive.
5. Helps produce goods at lesser prices which increase profitability.
6. Substantial reduction in buffer stock and warehousing stock.
7. Improved manufacturer-retailer communication.

1. More effective service check-out point.
2. Clear & itemized receipts indicating every purchase detail.
3. Benefits of much improved stock position.
4. Lower priced goods resulting from more efficient store operation.
5. No room for cheating by sales person.
6. Increased satisfaction from improved services.