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  ARS Technologies

Software & Services

Restaurant Management Software
    • Features
    • Peak hour sales, festival season crowd needs no extra hands & efforts. Mobile app SellSmart, can help you bill on the move
    • Take payments with ease - cash, card, coupon, gift voucher, part-cash, part-card payment & more. Card swipe integration to bill faster
    • Design and print barcode labels. Print purchase price in barcode as alphanumeric. Issue quotation, proforma, follow-up & do more sales
    • Exchange old for new, different prices for same item, customizable tax options i.e. TAX on MRP/VAT - predefine them or manage from bill screen also
    • Dayone billing - bill instantly from the day installation is complete. Billing will not stop even when main computer is down, uninterrupted 'Offline billing' provides peace of mind