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  ARS Technologies

scm focus
      Retail Management Software
    • Apparel & Garments, Footwear, Furniture, Luggage
      • Item classification (size, color, design and price)
      • Easy, Fast and Robust Billing
      • Customer wait time is minimum Fastest check out is ensured.
      • Home Delivery and Due Bill checking at one go
      • Effective Day-end Process implementation
      • Screen and Functionality based Access
      • In-built Financial Accounting
      • Fully integrated Customer Loyalty module
    • Groceries & Departmental Stores
      • Easy, Fast & Robust Billing
      • Customer wait time is minimum Fastest check out people
      • Re-order based on Sales/Stock
      • Purchase Formula & Price Level
      • Effective Day-end Process
      • Repacking, Split & Kit Items
      • Home Delivery & Due Bill
    • Supermarket, Furits & Vegetables
      • Easy, Fast & Robust Billing is one of the utility features of Fruits & Vegetable POS Billing Software
      • Customer wait time is minimum Fastest check out people
      • Expiry Date control
      • Weighing scale integration
      • Inbuilt Financial Accounting
      • Home Delivery system
      • Sell items by count or weight
      • Auto-creation of orders from replenishment
      • Customer loyalty program and point generation
      • Graphs and Chart for better analysis
      • Use industry standard UPC, EAN, and GS1 barcode
      • SMS and Email alerts
      • Track SKU by fast, slow and non-moving
      • Stock out and No sales report
      • Mobile reports
    • Electical, Electronics & Mobiles
      • Easy, Fast & Robust Billing
      • Graphs and Chart for better analysis
      • Use industry standard UPC, EAN, and GS1 barcode
      • Analyze SKU by stock age
      • SMS and Email alerts
      • Accurate markup and margin calculation
      • Drag and drop style reporting
      • Integrated payroll and financial account
      • Link warehouse, store and accounts offices
    • Sweet Shop
      • Card, Coupon and Weighing Scale based operation choice
      • Supports multiple formats of Sweet Shops, whether it is Prepaid Card System or Coupon based System
      • Weighing Scale integration for smooth billing
      • Support all type of prepaid card i.e., bar-coded, magnetic or smart card
      • Faster than Cash Register
      • Easier than other available solutions
      • Touch Screen or Mouse based KOT and Billing
      • Multiple Analysis through reports
      • Recipe management System for comparing with Sale and Consumption
      • Easy menu changing facility
      • Reduce labor cost by increasing employee productivity
      • SMS integration facility available to acknowledge customer’s purchase
    • Hotel & Guest House
      • Off the shelf single integrated solution
      • For Hospitality/Hotel Industry (with a modular-built up facility)
      • Scalable from Single Hotel to an entire Hotel Chain / Multi-Location
      • Easy & Fast Implementation / Easy to Operate
      • Touch Screen Support for restaurants
      • Integration with other interfaces can be made.
      • Easy & hassle-free updates for newer versions
    • Spa & Saloon
      • Reservation system with Appointment Book
      • Integration of Appointment book with POS
      • Touch screen interface reduces staff training time
      • Check confirmed, rescheduled or canceled appointment from the Appointment roster
      • Information on stylist/therapist availability status. So, there is no chance of creating double appointments more on this
      • Set time, for service, for stylists and their commissions, making appointment booking easier.
      • Capabilities of stylist can be assigned for services to ensure right stylist or therapist are booked in to service the customer
      • The feature Check in Manager manages client wait time, service time, etc.
    • Specialised Retail
    • Pharma & Healthcare
    • Lifestyle & Fashion

    Retail software is not a typical part of large ERP and a simple POS software is not enough. Both of them are not capable of fully excercising maximum control over the point of sales transactions happening in the retail stores. Retail software and POS solution provides a complete solution . The resultant benefits are complete control over POS and optimum control over operations.
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