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  ARS Technologies

scm focus
      Jewellery Management Software
    • Design of new product
    • Exact calculation of sales price
    • Purchase of stone as well as grading procedure
    • Check in or out of production materials between the operations
    • Handling of raw materials between operations
    • Handling loss as well as damage of materials
    • And a very specialised Jewellery Retail POS

    Be it diamond or the gold ones, jewelleries are always in great demand. And in this demand-driven sector, the jewellery manufacturers face tremendous pressure to deliver high quality products at right time, at the right place. They are in need of powerful jewellery manufacturing management software solutions to meet up with specific requirements of the industry. They want highly extendable and adaptable business solution being seamlessly integrated with customer relationship, project management, financial, supply chain and sales as well as procurement matters.