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Direct Part Marking Solution

    • Types Of Direct Part Marking
    • Laser Marking - Laser technology is a popular solution for providing permanent codes on parts. Laser marking systems apply clear, high-quality codes in a wide range of production environments.
    • Continuous Ink Jet Marking - CIJ printing provides non-contact coding on a wide variety of products. With CIJ technology, a stream of ink drops is delivered to the print target via a printhead.
    • Dot Peen Marking - Two other marking types common in the automotive and aerospace industries are dot peening and electrochemical etching.
    • Electrochemical Etching Marking - Electrochemical etching removes layers of material via electrolysis. This chemical etching process takes an image on a stencil and transfers it to an electrically conductive product by the action of electrolyte and electricity.