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  ARS Technologies

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  • ARS Technologies Ventures into ID Card Printers Including Aadhar Card Printers
  • ARS Technologies Ventures Into RFID Solutions
  • ARS Technologies Launches wifi and Bluetooth Receipt Printers
  • ARS Technologies Launches Entry Level Barcode Printers with all four ports(USB, Serial, Parallel, LAN)
  • ARS Technologies Introducing TOSHIBA EX6T with 6" printwidth and 4" print speed

Knowledge Base Blog Gallery

  • Regulatory Mandates IN India
  • Canteen Store Department (CSD) mandates suppliers TO affix GS1 Barcodes ON ALL products supplied TO 33 AREA depots
  • Alcoholic Beverages Delhi State ExciseDepartment mandates USE of GS1 FOR enhancing Supply CHAIN efficientcy AND product authentication
  • Financial Assistance FOR Adoption of GS1 Standards
  • Ministry of Micro, Small & MEDIUM Enterprises (MSME) Govt. of India FOR registered Small Scale Industries (SSIs) registerd WITH MSME
  • Spices Board FOR members of Spices Board